Are you already anticipating your Halloween Costume for this Halloween? With a bit of imagination and a little time, you can create a variety of easy Halloween costumes using items you have at home or items that you can reuse or recycle as a Halloween Costume.

E-Mail: Dress as a man (if you are not one already!) Tape an "E" on chest. "E"-male.  

Self-Absorbed: Attach sponges all over your body.  

Melted Snow Man: Drench yourself in water and carry around two sticks, a scarf and a carrot.  

Pull Toy: Wear roller skates and tie a rope around your waist.  

Quarterback for the Buccaneers: Attach a quarter to your back and a dollar to each ear.  

Starbucks: Make some yellow stars out of paper or cardboard and pin them all over your clothes. Then take several dollar bills and pin them on also. Optional: carry a coffee mug.

Magic 8 Ball: Wear all black. Cut a large 8 out of white cloth, cardboard or paper and pin or tape it to your back. When people ask you what you are, tell them "reply hazy, try again," or "cannot predict now." Or tell them to shake you and ask you a question.  

Leaf Blower: Wear a baseball cap with a leaf dangling down in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the leaf.

Fortune Teller: Attach a bunch of fortune cookies to your clothes. Wear a scarf or towel wrapped around your head.

Identity Crisis / Multiple Personality: Put "Hello my name is..." tags with random names all over your body.  

Snow Blower: Make a paper snowflake and attach it to the bill of a ball cap, so it hangs in front of your face. When someone asks what you are, blow on the snowflake.  

Bureaucracy: Get some red ribbon and wind it all around your body. You're "Red Tape."  

Aircraft Carrier: Find a small toy airplane and carry it with you. When people asked what you are, hold it out in the palm of your hand.  

Stick in the Mud: Wear all brown and attach a stick to your chest.  

Piggy Bank: Wear pink clothes and put a piece of black electrical tape on your forehead (coin slot).  

Facebook: Write the word BOOK on your forehead. There you go--you're "Facebook."  

Generic Costume: Wear all white. Draw a large UPC code on your chest and write "COSTUME" above it.  

What Am I?:
If you are totally clueless, you could dress in all black and have colorful question marks all over you. If people ask you what you are, reply: "I don't know. What am I?"

Weight Watcher: Carry a small dumbbell. Stare at it intently. Tell everyone you are watching your weight.  

Firefly: Wear a pair of tight white pants. Get two battery-operated tap lights and put them inside your pants--one on each cheek. Or stuff several glow sticks in your butt. Add some wings.

Snake's Meal: Buy a large stuffed snake. Wrap it around your upper body and neck, keeping it attached with safety pins. Attach the mouth to your head so it looks like it's biting you. Optional: use make-up to make it look like your face is turning red, and add fake blood to the bite area.

Fear Factor Contestant: Wear athletic clothes, with a bike helmet, goggles, life vest, and harness. Attach gummy worms and rubber insects all over yourself. Use make-up to create scrapes, bruises and cuts.  

Highway to Hell: Wear all black, and stick yellow strips of tape up your legs, body and arms. Wear a highway sign on your chest, and devil horns on your head.  

California Girl: Wear a bikini top with cupcakes attached and cherries on top, along with a pair of jean short-shorts that have been bedazzled. Wear a long bright-blue wig and heels.  

News Reporter in Hurricane: Wear a poncho with a news network logo on it. Put wire inside to make it look like it's blowing to one side. Attach debris (papers, leaves, etc.) to the other side. Use gel to make your hair look wet, messy and blown in the wind. Carry a microphone covered with a plastic bag.  

Bag Lady: Make an entire set of clothes from plastic or paper bags. Use tape to hold everything together.  

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