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Unicorn White Lace Wedding Collection

Posted by Lea Manet on Friday, September 11, 2015, In : Fun Articles 

In my quest to find unicorn wedding invitations I found there are not many to be found so I came up with my own unicorn wedding collection. This collection is of two unicorns locking horns in a faux diamond heart on white lace.

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Skull Fashion

Posted by Lea Manet on Thursday, October 9, 2014, In : Fun Articles 

                      Day Of The Dead Skull

The first thing that makes the skull such a compelling image is the numerous and deep meanings associated with it.

The skull has many meanings:

    * To invoke fear or caution.
    * To celebrate the memory of the dead.
    * To celebrate life.
    * As a symbol of vanity.
    * As a symbol of life after death.
    * As a symbol of change.
    * As a means of obtaining good luck or avoiding bad luck.
    * As a symbol of toughness, machismo, courage, bravery or indifference t...

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Wedding Planning Basics

Posted by Lea Manet on Tuesday, August 21, 2012, In : Fun Articles 

Wedding Planning Basics

When you first start planning a wedding, the process can seem completely overwhelming and inevitably seem like a challenge with so many things to plan and organize. You want everything to turn out perfectly down to the smallest detail. Wedding planning should not be done on your own. Wedding planning can get overwhelming if you try to take on too much yourself. Don't worry, you will still have the final decision on every decision, you just won't have to do all the leg w...
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